Chhean was born in 1995, and is the eldest of four girls. Chhean came to Destiny Rescue in mid-2009. Since that time, she has studied in the Destiny Rescue school and has also gone on to do sewing training in the Destiny Rescue Sewing School, graduating in June 2011.

Chhean was reintegrated as soon as she graduated and returned to her village to set up her own small sewing business, even though the court case against her violator had not been finalised.

Trade was slow, however, so she chose to do extra training in jean making, and has excelled in this area. Chhean is earning a very good income and has been able to support her family – buying seeds to plant crops and paying off the family debts.

During September 2013, her case was made final in court following several years of seeking a prosecution. The verdict saw her perpetrator jailed for eight years and ordered to pay compensation of 8,000,000riel (approx. $2,000 USD).

This is a good outcome for Chhean and her family. Chhean wants to continue sewing jeans for JC Denim Co., and has been instrumental in training other Destiny Rescue sewing students to do so, always aiming for the best quality product.

* All Names have been changed.