Phhoung is 18 years old now, and has been part of Destiny Rescue for over three years. Not long after coming to DR, Phhoung decided she would like to study sewing and become a seamstress. It seemed like a good profession that she could use in her village to help support her family.

Following two years of study in her chosen skill, Phhoung graduated being able to make all kinds of clothing from shirts to traditional Khmer wedding apparel. Now with a qualification, Phhoung was ready to be reintegrated back into the community.

When she heard of the JC Denim Co. Project, Phhoung was keen to extend her skills and learn to make jeans, and has been practicing making jeans since she graduated from her sewing school earlier this year.

Since her family became Christians, they have been ostracised within their own community. So although it was a safe environment for Phhoung to return to, her parents were concerned that if she started a sewing business in the village that it would not be patronised simply because they had become Christians. Phhoung also feared that people may steal her machines, equipment and supplies etc, as the family have had several attempts, and livestock stolen, since they became Christian.

Phhoung is a very quiet girl with a great sense of humour. She is so happy to be sewing jeans for JC Denim Co., and is heading for a brighter future supported all the way from Australia.

* All Names have been changed.