Samnang is 20 years old, and lived with Destiny Rescue for more than three years before she was reintegrated back into the community.

She had polio as a child, the effects of which can still be seen, although she underwent a lot of physical therapy while with Destiny Rescue.

Samnang indicated to Destiny Rescue staff that she wanted to learn sewing and has tried hard to excel in her chosen skill, graduating in early 2014 near the top of her class.

She was reintegrated in May 2014, but into an independent living situation, as her relationship with her mother is strained, and her family lives in a community far from the bigger towns where Samnang is more likely to get a good job.

Since her graduation from the Destiny Rescue Sewing School earlier this year, Samnang has trained to make jeans for the JC Denim Co. Project. This is quite a steep learning curve, as jeans are difficult to sew, but Samnang is a fast learner and very neat seamstress, taking great pride in each pair of jeans she makes.

Samnang is so happy to be able to sew for JC Denim Co., and has just earned her first salary for making jeans to be sold in Australia.

* All Names have been changed.