Soriya has been a great addition to the JC Denim Co. team. She is a quick learner and is already effectively helping the team fill orders. She has a bright and happy attitude and is always ready to learn. She is so excited to be working for JC Denim Co., she says that she feels very loved and cared for here.

Soriya is her family’s provider and has had to learn how to budget very carefully, forever having their needs at the forefront of her concern. She admits that it has been a daily struggle, but is now so thankful for JC Denim Co. and the work and pay that is provided. The constant pressure of having to provide for her family often pulls Soriya’s spirits down; she sends the majority of what she makes to her mother and rarely has time to focus on herself or her future, but she says these hard days are brightened whenever she comes to work. The girls on the JC Denim Co. sewing team are often being silly and laughing and just being there makes her so happy.

She looks forward to going to work each day and is so thankful for the friendships she has made there. Before Soriya began sewing for JC Denim Co. she would simply sew to complete a job. Since working at JC Denim Co., however, she has learned to sew with precision and finesse – we are so proud of her. She hopes she can now save money and plan for her future.

Soriya particularly enjoys when the Destiny Rescue teams visit. She can tell how proud they are of all the girls on the team and for their hard work in the shop. It makes her want to work even harder and at the highest quality. Soriya hopes to work for JC Denim Co. for a long time.

* All Names have been changed.