Srey is 19 years old and the eldest child of 10, born to a very poor family in a small village in provincial Cambodia. She has always felt a lot of responsibility to help provide for her family because she is the oldest child.

After completing her sewing training (through Destiny Rescue’s vocational sewing training program), Srey has gone on to further her skills, specialising in jean making for JC Denim Co.

She is a perfectionist and has a great desire to do her best at any task that is set before her. Srey is an extremely hard worker, and never sits idle, or fails to make good use of her time to be productive. She not only does her share of the work, but usually makes herself available to help others as well with their workload.

Since starting to sew jeans for JC Denim Co., Srey has achieved amazing results. At first one pair of jeans took her three or four days to make, such was her commitment to getting everything exactly right. Now Srey is able to make at least one pair of jeans per day and almost completes a second if she is not interrupted.

The quality of Srey’s sewing is of the highest standard when you consider the machines she works with are pedal powered, single needle and somewhat antiquated in design.

Since the opportunity to make jeans was presented to Srey, she has worked long hours, pushing herself so that her team can achieve the order required. This is certainly not expected of her, but her strong work ethic drives her to do so.

So meticulous to detail, Srey has been put in charge of checking the work of the other jean makers to ensure they are of the best quality as well. She has risen to the task of managing her small group of workers and is reaping the benefits.

Sewing jeans for JC Denim Co. has provided Srey with consistent work and a steady income that has grown to be a very healthy wage for a young Cambodian seamstress.

She is also receiving a bonus on each pair of jeans that she checks before they are shipped to Australia, so her monthly income has been higher than the average factory worker, by perhaps four times.

With this additional income, Srey has been industrious. She has committed to paying for the construction of a home for her family. Previously they lived under a tarp, and then borrowed some money to start building their own house. They only got as far as the poles and a roof. Srey has now paid for walls and flooring, and is hoping to get steps in the near future. She also contributes to the family’s monthly living expenses, providing money for rice and other staples to feed the family.

Despite bearing all of this responsibility caring for her family, Srey has also been savvy enough to put some money aside to buy herself a small plot of land, and hopes to achieve her own dream of eventually setting up a sewing shop for her sister and herself in her village.

For JC Denim Co. (and Destiny Rescue), Srey is a fine example of fulfilling potential, and empowering someone to achieve more than they could have possibly hoped or imagined. Now her dreams are becoming a reality.

* All Names have been changed.