Date Posted: 10 March 2017

“Good morning my beautiful friends!” is my heavily accented Khmer greeting each morning as I enter the sewing room.

Date Posted: 8 March 2017

Liberation Threads owner Rebecca Khuns describes her transition from full-time psychiatrist to clothing store owner.

Date Posted: 22 February 2017

For any company to be considered truly sustainable, they must be addressing the various impacts their operations are having on the environment, society and economy

Date Posted: 13 February 2017

UTTER Couture was founded in 2013 as an online retail platform for emerging and contemporary fashion brands’ voices to be heard in a competitive fast fashion retail market.

Date Posted: 8 February 2017

Join Sabine Bannard this February at our Instagram Workshop

Date Posted: 31 January 2017

As our tuk-tuk darted through the busy streets of Phnom Penh, we were bombarded with a symphony of city sounds: children laughing, horns tooting, engines competing with the chatter of chickens and ducks.

Date Posted: 19 December 2016

Syvannah Wilson conjures up six facts about organic cotton you ought to know about...

Date Posted: 9 December 2016

Outland Denim's range of indigo jeans utilise Turkish mill Bossa's premium organic denim. Here's the lowdown on Bossa's

Date Posted: 1 December 2016

So you’ve bought a pair of Outland Denims and now you’re starting to think you’d like to shop more

Date Posted: 28 October 2016

It’s worth saying that when you’re dealing with 40+ degree heat, some smart choices need to be made.

Date Posted: 28 October 2016

What would we be wearing if Kate Moss hadn’t stepped out in a pair of skinny jeans with her rocker boyfriend in 2005? Thankfully we will never have to find out, writes Bec Isijanovski.

Date Posted: 8 October 2016

When our art director glimpsed Blake, 27, and Skye, 26, colouring in at Blackboard Cafe, it was a matter of "we have to photograph you" at first sight...

Date Posted: 5 October 2016

As designers, we love the freedom that comes with the growing catalogue of clothing choices. But as global citizens, we hate that our freedom is trapping foreign workers into a cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Date Posted: 1 September 2016

As jean makers, we are all about ensuring your jeans go the distance while maintaining a semblance of the pair you bought in our store.

Date Posted: 1 September 2016

Like a Hollywood child celebrity, denim has had an interesting and chequered history, but also some fine redemptive moments. To wit, our list of the Top 8 Iconic Moments in Denim History...

Date Posted: 31 August 2016

We realise that the denim industry is awash with an array of choices, but we’re hoping our story will resonate with more than a few individuals wanting to use their purchasing power to change the world.