Meet our models, Blake and Skye

Author: Outland Denim   Date Posted: 8 October 2016 

 When our art director glimpsed Blake, 27, and Skye, 26, colouring in at Blackboard Cafe, it was a matter of "we have to photograph you" at first sight. 

The adorable Gold Coast couple, who reside at Burleigh Heads, were only too happy to oblige, taking time away from their "real jobs" to become a formative part of the Outland Denim brand, modelling our Isabel and Dusty styles with too-easy-we've-done-this-before aplomb.

Here they tell us what they get up to at the weekends amongst other things...

How did you meet? "We knew of each other through high school, and one night we were out and bumped into each other crossing the street," says Blake. "And I was, like, 'Hey!', and he was, like, 'Hey!' and I said, 'What are you doing? Come to a bar with me'," adds Skye. Three days later Skye found Blake on social media and they became good friends. "We secretly maybe liked each other a lot," says Skye. They've now been together, officially, for over three years.  

Anything a bit different about your upbringings that we can share with our readers? "My siblings are triplets," says Blake. "I did some homeschooling," says Skye, who hails from Sydney originally.

Any Gold Coast tips for interstate or overseas travellers? "If anyone is visiting the Coast, we'd recommend Blackboard, because you'll run into some lovely people there, and James Street, Burleigh, where we go to Canteen Kitchen for the Mediterranean style breakfast - the sourdough French toast with green harissa, grilled halloumi and grilled tomato - and then there's the Justin Lane rooftop bar at Burleigh, or Garden Bar at the Casino, if you want to get dressed up, or The Cambus Wallace at Nobby Beach." 

Any style tips? "Suits for me, because I work in real estate," says Blake. "And I go uni," says Skye, who is studying nutrition, "so it's jeans and a white shirt or jeans and a knit. On weekends, it's just the same unless it's hot; then it's shorts and bikinis." After open homes on Saturdays and on Sundays it's vintage tees and jeans for Blake (black jeans for night, blue jeans for day). "We shop in Sean Scott on James Street, and we love all the boutiques, like Deus, in Byron," says Skye.

Your Outland Denims of choice? "I've struggled to find jeans that aren't so rigid and give you no shape, so I especially love the Isabel," says Skye. "The high waist, where it sits, is so flattering." For Blake, it's the Dusty super-slim fit in black.

Styling or grooming advice? "I always tuck my tees with the high-waisted jeans, though I like them with cropped tops, like knits, too, and sometimes cuffed unless it's with boots," says Skye. "I cuff a bit higher if I'm wearing a Converse high-top," says Blake, whose style icon is David Beckham (notably, Blake is sans tattoos).

For Skye, her inspiration comes from French actress Marion Cotillard, more so for how she holds herself than for her sartorial choices. "That open letter to the media she wrote about her partner was so beautiful," says Skye. "She's so lovely and French. She's not necessarily a style icon but her graceful presence means she always looks beautiful."  

This summer the couple plan to stay around Burleigh, go to the beach, perhaps go to Sydney for New Year's, and showcase some new looks for Outland Denim.