Styling for spring/summer 2016

Author: Rebecca Isijanovski   Date Posted:14 October 2016 

Spring/summer calls for new things: the turn over of one's wardrobe, the cleaning out of the cobwebs, the avoidance of bees and bluebottles on the beach...

If you're seeking inspiration or direction for your spring/summer wardrobe content, then look no further. We've got you covered...

The Boho Look

This look is perfect for that day by the sea getting gelato and catching some rays as you stroll the streets of a charming beach town (Byron Bay day trip, anyone?). It’s also perfect for grabbing coffee at that cute little cafe decked out in wicker and fringe offering all things organic.

- Try a flared sleeve V-neck top tucked loosely into the front of your Outland Harriet jeans in Byron and some wedge heels.
- Add a simple but fun choker around your neck and you’ve officially achieved boho chic.
- Extra points for braided hair and Lennon sunnies.

Accessories for this look may include: 
- Turquoise or marble-look chunky statement ring (our favourite place for these are Samantha Wills designed jewellery).
- Large hoop earrings to accent braided hair.
- A fringy kimono.
- Small embroidered/beaded/weaved bag with long strap.
- As mentioned above, a pair of rounder-the-better Lennon sunnies.

The NYC Look

A look that needs no introduction and barely any instruction on how to achieve it, as it’s nearly impossible to do so if you don't happen to be Leandra Medine. But, for argument's sake, how would one try to achieve the perfect NYC street look?

- Find an oversized button-down dress shirt in your dad’s closet (powder blue or white is optimal, pinstripes also acceptable). Roll up the sleeves haphazardly a few times and undo a couple of buttons at the collar.
- Tuck shirt loosely into the front of your Outland Isabel jeans in Black.
- Slip into some comfortable (New Yorkers are walkers) but chic loafers or brogues. This look is all about the blurred line between masculine and feminine style, so go full “grandpa” in the shoe department if you’re feelin’ it.
- Alternatively, you can go for the “heading to a meeting” look and don some simple black stiletto heels to make those legs look extra long, like NYFW model long.
- Hair can be worn in a messy but done style, to give you that “I have such a full schedule today, I need a triple shot skim latte to survive it” look.

Accessories for this look may include:
- Simple fine jewellery. Think thin, stackable rings, small stud earrings, a barely-there short necklace.
- Matte lipstick and a killer manicure.
- A vintage Chanel bag or the latest Céline.

The Travel Look

If you’re one of the lucky ones this summer, you’ll be jetting off to faraway lands and needing the perfect outfit to traipse around in (and, let’s be real, get some awesome Instagram snaps in). The travel look, otherwise known as "airport style", finds its roots in being comfortable but photographable because it was the celebrities who first started the trend.

- A comfy tee is always the go-to for long aeroplane rides, but the color you choose could change the fate of your entire trip. Choosing a white tee, for instance... well, you get where I’m going with this. Grey marle or black is always a safe option when dealing with saucy plane food.
- When comfort is key, jeans ripped at the knee will be your legs' saving grace. Yay for unhindered leg movement! Outland Isabel jeans in Washed Black will do the trick.
- Since it’s getting warmer, a jacket probably isn’t imperative (unless you’re flying into colder temps). We suggest a light bomber jacket tied around your waist, ready to throw on when the plane airconditioning kicks in. Trendy and sensible.
- Keep your footwear simple: white sneakers always look good with skinnies and are hella comfortable.

Accessories for this look may include:
- Hair ties on your wrist for ease of access.
- Clear frame reading glasses.
- A classic round face wrist watch to keep an eye on flight times.

The 90s Kid Look

If you’re like us, you’ve binged watched Stranger Things and decided 80s and 90s style was seriously underrated. The hair, the overalls, the band t-shirts! Let’s take it back to the decades of Kate Moss and high-waisted "mom jeans".

- Try a plain baby pink crop, one with a little vintage logo or pop a silky camisole over a plain white tee, then pair with high waisted Outland Harriet jeans in Byron to throw you right back to your childhood.
- Get yourself into some jelly sandals to really go full 90s.
- Dig around in your parents' closet/a thrift store shelf and pick out a baseball cap. Pop it onto your head backwards and you’re officially ten years old again (but much wiser and trendier this time around).

Accessories for this look may include:

- One half of the best friend necklaces you and your bestie share.
- A denim jacket to tie around your waist.
- A tamagotchi key chain.

We hope you've enjoyed this blog post brought to you by Rebecca Isijanovski. Bec is an aspiring professional writer currently working waitress and writing gigs and jetting off to Europe whenever she gets the chance. She is also a functioning coffee addict. Find her and a good collection of coffee snaps on instagram at @bec.isijanovski

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