Our Process

Due to the relatively small scale of our manufacturing operations, the particular and sensitive nature of our team of seamstresses, the necessity of creating a sustainable business model and our desire to create garments with fine attention to detail, Outland Denim currently produces limited runs of our styles of jeans.

We also believe this model to be more environmentally friendly, as we cater to customer demand rather than flooding the marketplace with unnecessary surplus goods. Below you will find out more about our jean-making process. Please be patient as you wait for your pair of jeans to be created and delivered to you!




Each design starts out as a concept sketch on paper, which takes into account our customer's desire for a contemporary spin on classic designs. The pattern comprises around 20 individual parts, which are drawn by hand and cut out with precision.



The pattern pieces are traced onto the denim selected from our premium mill in Turkey and cut out with sheers. Our seamstresses are then put in charge of constructing a sample jean under the guidance of our Cambodian Production Manager.



After the sample jean is made, it is sent to our organic washhouse. As the fibres in the denim contract after the first wash, the grading process is affected by the wash. Further treatments may also be applied to achieve a specific effect.




Once the washed sample jean has been worn, tested and critiqued, adjustments are made and further samples are produced. This process allows us to adapt the pattern, fabric and wash until we achieve the perfect jean.



When the sample is approved, the jean goes into full production. Each sewer is assigned a specific function, from making belt loops to stitching pockets, but rotated to ensure she is skilled in every aspect of jean making.



Every stitch, rivet, belt loop, label, zipper and button is meticulously reviewed to ensure it is of the highest standard. It is then pressed, folded, packaged and shipped to you.