Author: Erica Bartle   Date Posted: 13 February 2017 

London dwellers are now able to try and buy Outland Denim jeans at UTTER Couture, an independent retailer with a focus on promoting up-and-coming, high-quality brands at good-for-value prices such as Outland Denim! Here we chat to founder Joel Adebayo and director Dami Akinnaike about their vision. 

How did Utter Couture come into being?
UTTER Couture was founded in 2013 as an online retail platform for emerging and contemporary fashion brands’ voices to be heard in a competitive fast fashion retail market. Being positioned as a premium street style company, UTTER Couture is concerned with providing high quality pieces that allow consumers to stand out of the crowd at good for value prices. As the business developed and became more and more popular among consumers, BOXPARK, Shoreditch, was used as a platform to trial a week pop up in January 2015. The first pop-up store emerged. Sales started to increase both online and in store, which inspired them to open more pop up stores in America and the UK. 

What is the concept behind the store? 
UTTER is an online fashion retail store that delivers trend forward, pioneering, emerging brands to valued customers. We focus on stocking emerging brands, bringing them to the forefront of style with innovative designs and good for value prices. We endeavour to uphold all our customer service values and store ethos through our online store meaning you can feel as comfortable ordering online, knowing we will treat your order exactly the same as an in store purchase. A main purpose for UTTER is to support new brands and designers by stocking their collections in store and online, giving them a platform to showcase their talent and supporting their growth.

Who are your clientele?
We have a wide clientele, from the twenty-something male city worker who comes in for that handmade tailored Italian shirt to our middle eastern thirty-something female customer who comes in for a Bright Blue Handmade Italian Vegetable handbag. They really are as young as 16 to as old as 50+.

What will shoppers find within your walls?
Shoppers will find good quality, stand-out but on-trend pieces. As we only work with independent contemporary brands who never mass produce, it gives our customers a sense of exclusivity - once an item sells out they are hardly ever reproduced. 

What does "ethical fashion" mean to you?
Ethical fashion to us means everyone who is involved in the process of production is treated with the upmost respect from the people working at the faculty making the clothes down to the environment and even animal rights in some cases. This means staff should be paid living minimum wages and should be provided with safe and healthy work environments.

Ethical fashion to us also means:
Countering fast, cheap fashion and damaging patterns of fashion consumption
Supporting sustainable livelihoods
Addressing toxic pesticide and chemical use
Using and/or developing eco-friendly fabrics and components
Minimising water use
Recycling and addressing energy efficiency and waste
Resources, training and/or awareness raising initiatives

What will shoppers find within your walls?
We felt that young emerging brands were not being given a fair shot in the fashion industry, and consumers started to accept anything that was given to them. We felt that young/emerging brands could give consumers food for thought as to their options in the fashion market.

Why did you decide to stock Outland Denim?
Because they stand for everything that we believe in - meaning that they are new, on trend, value for money and ethically grounded - and let's not forget the story behind the brand which makes the brand an easy sell to consumers.

The ethos you live and shop by? 
Always less, never more.

What are your opening hours and days of trade?
We are open from 11am - 7pm Monday - Sunday, Thursday from 11am - 8pm and Sundays from 12pm - 6pm

Can you recommend any books, blogs or websites that have helped you on your journey? 
Business of Fashion (website) and Street Style by Ted Polhemus.