Transeasonal Styling: The Trending Trend

Author: Athina Cantle   Date Posted: 8 September 2017 

It seems like just when we have taken the plunge and bought that new coat, bikini, or pair of boots, a new season is upon us causing global styling confusion and a notable increase in ‘how’s this weather we’re having?’ related water-cooler discussions.

At such times, unless you are glued to your weather app, you might find yourself wearing knits three layers thick on a random 30oC day and fanning sweat from your forehead.

Layer your linen

To me, there’s nothing that says ‘I’m a mature adult that has my life totally together’, like styling that suits any climate. That and people who visit the dentist every six months.

Enter transeasonal styling, which basically just means styling to fit the somewhat unpredictable weather. Let the headlines read, “Concerned Mothers rejoice as Practical Fashion is Deemed the Latest Trend!”.

"Concerned Mothers rejoice as Practical Fashion is Deemed the Latest Trend!"

It’s strategically engineering your look to suit rain, hail, or shine without secretly sprinting back home to collect a jacket in your lunchbreak. Try these styling tips for looks even Goldilocks would approve of; not too hot, not too cold, just right.

The Jacket Drape

Keep cool winds at bay by draping your jacket over your shoulders like a cape a la Emily of @shedoesstyle. Emily pairs our mid-rise Isabel Washed Black denim with a classic tee, low-cut sneakers, leather jacket and handbag for a look that’s as versatile as it is chic. Alternatively, wear the sleeves of the jacket on your arms and let the rest of the fabric drape at the small of you back for a stylish yet nonchalant ‘I woke up like this’ look.

The Light’n’Bright

Light washed denim is synonymous with warmer weather. Cuff the ankles of your Dusty Driftwood or Lucy Lights and style with a light-weight grey knit or classic white tee. Michelle of @statesofstyle shows us how it’s done by teaming our statement Lucy Light denim with suede heels and an elegant black cami.

Layer your linen

As the temperature climbs, swap your cotton tees out for summer-scorcher friendly linen pieces. Extra points for incorporating a pop of pastel and added texture with a tweed vintage blazer as demonstrated by Raya of @therubyreport.