Free Shipping and Returns on all Orders in the US


Will my denim shrink or stretch in the wash?

Outland Denim jeans are made from high recovery, premium stretch denim that will not stretch or shrink in the wash. You can expect that your garment will relax very subtly after approximately half an hour of wear, and will recover after every wash.

Please refer to the laundering tag on your garment when washing your garment to protect the longevity of your jean.

Do your jeans fit true to size?

Yes, we recommend you select the size you would normally wear in jeans.

How do I choose the style best for me?

We’re more than happy to assist you in finding the ideal pair of Outland Denim jeans that will suit your taste and make you look and feel great. Feel free to email us at .

How do I wash my jeans?

Outland Denim’s jeans are made to be worn well and washed less. We recommend you only wash your pair of jeans once every 10 wears. Additionally, to preserve their crisp colour, be sure to wash them inside-out separately or with similar shaded garments. Wash with a small quantity of gentle detergent or alternatively, none at all. If possible, line dry your jeans, otherwise tumble dry warm. Do not bleach or dry clean your Outland jeans and avoid ironing. Our jeans will be crease-free after 30 minutes of wear.

What is the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton?

Organic cotton is farmed with zero use of agrochemicals, such as pesticides, Which is known to reduce soil quality, contribute to water pollution, and severely affect the health of farmers. Organic cotton is also proven to use 91% per cent less blue water (fresh surface or groundwater sources) than conventional cotton.

What should I do when it’s time for my denim and I to part ways?

According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated every second. If you choose to dispose of your jeans, we ask that you please consider an alternative option such as gifting your jeans to a friend or family member that you know will love them just as much as you have. Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll gladly take them off your hands to be recycled.

What is your environmental impact?

To all of us at Outland Denim, our sustainable credibility and ethical conduct are of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve partnered with like-minded suppliers that share in our overarching goal to revolutionise the fashion industry. We are attempting to reduce the impact of our denim by sourcing sustainably grown and manufactured cotton, prioritising the use of natural indigo and vegetable dyes, reducing water waste and greenhouse gas emissions, utilising 100% carbon-neutral energy, and using packaging made from recycled, post-consumer paper. What’s more, we’re currently developing our own state-of-the-art wash house as an additional means of safeguarding environmental health.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We promise to process all orders within 2 business days, and you can expect ground orders to arrive within 7 business days, not including holidays. Please allow for more time if shipping to remote areas.

What postal service do you use?

We use FedEx to dispatch all orders within North America.

What is the difference between premium and regular denim?

Crafted with organic cotton and the finest raw materials, our denims are designed to offer the highest quality stretch for comfort, durability and longevity. Premium denim is a wardrobe investment that will serve you well for years, not seasons.

How much is shipping?

$8.00 Flat-rate Standard Ground Shipping.

We are pleased to offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges for all orders over $250 placed in North America.

How do I choose my size?

Please refer to our size guide to select the best fit for you. If you find your waist and hips measure differently to the specifications listed, we recommend selecting your size based on your waist measurement. Still unsure of the size that is best for you? Feel free to reach out to us at for any additional assistance.

The item I want to purchase is out of stock, will you be restocking soon?

Please reach out to us at with the jean style that has caught your eye and we would be more than happy to let you know when your chosen style is expected back in store.

Can I return or exchange my jeans?

If you are unhappy with any of the products you’ve purchased from us, simply return them within 14 days from the date of purchase. We will happily issue an exchange or full refund as long as they are returned in their original condition with proof of purchase.

Unfortunately, refunds are not applicable on sale or promotional items.

Please follow the steps below to return or exchange your garment within the United States:

1. Download and print a Returns Form.

2. Email with your intent to return your purchase. You will be issued an RA number to be included with your return.

3. Fill out return slip, including your RA number.

4. Place in package with product and proof of purchase.

Ensure product is safely packed and clearly addressed to:

OUTLAND DENIM, c/o ROGUE COLLECTIVE 305 S Hewitt Street Los Angeles CA, 90013

5. Place enclosed FEDEX return label on outside of box (Return label is located in White Folder).

6. Please include the RA number, clearly labeled on the exterior of the package.

7. Drop off package at your nearest FEDEX depo.

If you require a refund, the purchase price will be refunded back to the original method of payment once we have receipt of the jeans.

If you require an exchange, we will send out the new pair of jeans free of charge and contact you via email with your tracking number once we have receipt of the original pair in the condition it was purchased in.

Outland Denim’s Customer Care department operates Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm.

If you have any further questions, please contact one of our team members. Email: Call: 1-800-268-7939

Are your garments vegan?

Most of our jeans feature a leather brand patch on the waistband. However after 12 months of research and testing, we welcomed our first leather-free jean to the range in early 2019. These jeans sport a leather-free, vegan patch made from jacron paper. Our jackets do not feature a leather patch and are therefore vegan also.

Do you have a store or stockist near me?

Please reach out to our customer support team at with your post/zip code and we would be happy to share the Outland Denim stockists near you.

Why does Outland Denim exist?

We exist to create safe, healthy employment opportunities for some of the most vulnerable members of society, particularly those who have experienced poverty, which is a root cause of many social ills, including human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We also endeavor to make jeans with an artisanal quality, contemporary fit and durability to ensure they become a part of the wearer's life story: the foundational “hero” of their wardrobe, so to speak.

Do you have a take-back or repair program?

Yes, we do! If your well loved Outland denims are showing their age and need an upgrade we offer a take back service to all Australian customers. Ensure that your denim is not destined for landfill by simply returning them to our Headquarters to be disposed of responsibly or used in our sustainable textile recycling initiatives and research. We will even cover postage! Simply email us at to organise.

If your Outland products simply need repair, we invite you to reach out via, our HQ team may be able to assist in repairing your favourite Outland jeans.

Where does your denim come from?

We have researched long and hard to find a denim supplier that we'd be proud to use in the production of our jeans. We use certified organic cotton in our Turkish denim, from a mill that abides by the highest level of social and environmental standards.

Why jeans?

Jeans are one of the most ubiquitous clothing items in the world. Social researchers Daniel Miller and Sophie Woodward, authors of Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary, have said that in most countries outside South Asia and China perhaps half the population was wearing jeans on any given day. What better way to make a social statement than through the brand of jeans you choose to wear? Every time you wear a pair of our Outland Denim jeans you are helping a young woman who has been rescued from human trafficking reestablish her life. Our jeans are a true ‘fashion statement' – they look good, but they say you care and want to make a difference to someone's life.

Where are you based?

Outland Denim Headquarters is located in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland. Our production facility is based in Kampong Cham, Cambodia and our wash and finishing facility is based in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

Are you Fair Trade Certified?

We are not currently Fair Trade certified as this certification is not currently available in all regions where our suppliers are based, however we look forward to pursuing this certification in future. We are however a certified B Corporation. With regards to wages, our staff receive a living wage. Our living wage methodology is based on the Anker method which takes into consideration expenses including food, housing, transport, health care, education, saving and discretionary spending. We also provide education in areas such as budgeting, self defence, languages, and woman's and infant's health.