While we set out to create something 100% socially sustainable, we soon discovered the opportunity to help clean up the denim industry, too. From responsible stewardship of natural resources and raw materials, through to thoughtful design, research and collaboration, we invest heavily to ensure our denim make a minimal footprint. 

Denim’s dirty reputation.   

We use organic cotton to create our denim, proven to use 91% per cent less blue water (fresh surface or groundwater sources) than conventional cotton. Organic cotton is farmed with zero use of agrochemicals, such as pesticides, Which is known to reduce soil quality, contribute to water pollution, and severely affect the health of farmers. 

Tradition meets innovation. 

Our stand-alone wash and finishing facility are equipped with industry-leading water and energy reducing technology, representing a new standard of sustainability.  We source the most sustainable raw materials from suppliers who excel in social and environmental responsibility. Every button, rivet, and stitch is selected with intention to minimise impact on the environment, and ensure zero exploitation in our entire supply chain. 

Eyes on tomorrow. 

In partnership with universities and governments around the world, our research in the areas of water purification, carbon footprint reduction, and zero-waste production are ongoing. Most recently, this has extended into the intricate tracking of social and environmental impact with the use of big data. 

The sustainability journey is ongoing, and we are pleased to be able to publish the results of our research, collaborations and milestones for our customers via the Outland Journal and other public reports.  

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